What you need to know before enrolling your child to early years programs

Sending your child to school for the first time is a cause for worry among parents. Even with the many child care options dotting the Australian landscape, choosing the best facility for early years programs remains a challenge.

early years programs

What age does preschool start in Australia?

If you have kids between 3-5 years of age, they are eligible for preschool that are government-owned and run. There are no fees involved but, usually, a voluntary contribution is in place.

The goal of early years program is to ensure that children receive the support they require to develop fully and to help them reach their full potential.

But one of the most important aspects of early years programs is communication between parents and the provider. This ensures that children receive high-quality early childhood program. In the same way, parents are confident with the type of programs their kids receive.

Preparing kids for early years program

There are necessary preparations before enrolling kids to pre kindy programs Brisbane schools offer. Below are a few of them:

  • Retrieve Child’s Immunisation Record

Keeping kids vaccinated helps protect them and others from diseases that are preventable.

The early childhood centre will ask you for proof of the child’s immunisation status. Make sure you have the following ready:

– SA Child Health and Development record which is also known as the Blue Book.

– Get your copy of the Australian Immunisation Register History statement.

If a vaccine-preventable disease is present at the preschool, you may be asked to keep your child away if their immunisation is not up to date.

  • Check the child’s overall health

You may be asked to have your kid undergo physical assessment by a medical professional. This rules out any conditions that the child may suffer from. On top of that, you should also provide emergency contact information and details of the child’s medical condition, if any.

The importance of parent involvement for the child’s wellbeing

In all aspects of the preschool child, parents are encouraged to support and participate. You can talk to a community centre on how you can be involved. You can opt to volunteer, depending on your interests, availability and even your skills.

Ask for different volunteering roles available and what you should expect to get out of it.

Types of child care Spring Hill centres offer

In Spring Hill, Brisbane and other places in Australia, you can choose from among four options for child care. These are the following:

  1. Family day care. Small group of children gather in a carers home to interact.
  2. Centre-based care such as long day care Brisbane or Spring Hills offer, preschools or kindergarten complete with a structured program.
  3. Occasional care. This is considered short-term and is only upon request.
  4. Home-based care. Similar to babysitting when your child is cared for by a relative, nanny or friend in your home.

Australian families use informal care like the home-based care. Depending on your preference, you may decide on the type of childcare needed according to:

– The number of hours of child care needed per week

– your desire for your kids to experience different styles of care and mix with other children

– your preferences in reducing the amount of child care needed if you or your partner prefer working at home.

These are just a few considerations when it comes to choosing a type of child care. Be sure to use these guidelines when enrolling your kids to early years programs. You may also visit https://gowrieqld.com.au/early-years-centre/overview/ for more details.

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