How to find the right defense lawyer for your sex crime case

Being accused of a sex crime is no small thing. It is an accusation that can scar you for life and carries heavy penalties that go beyond spending years in prison. When you are convicted of such an offense, you will be branded as a sex offender and will be registered as such. This will impact your way of life, how people perceive you, your chances of gainful employment, and even prevent you from going near schools, parks, and other public places. This is why finding a reputable Houston sex crimes defense lawyer is important.

The difference between a public defender and a sex crimes defense lawyer

While both are licensed to defend you, a sex crimes lawyer is always a better choice when you are being tried for a sexual offense. This is because this lawyer has more information and experience in defending people who are accused of such wrongdoing. It is like choosing between a general practitioner and a specialist. If you want the best outcome for your case, a specialist is your best bet.

Houston sex crimes defense attorneys, when compared with lawyers who don’t specialize in this area, know how to put together a strong case for you. They know how to build your defense, which psychologists to consult to help your case, and how to cement your credibility while discrediting that of your accuser.

Where to find the right lawyer

The key to winning in a sex crimes case is to find a sex crimes defense attorney who knows exactly what to do to help you. While there are many lawyers for you to choose from, finding the right one is dependent on what you do and how you do it. Here are some steps you can use to find the best Houston sex crimes lawyer for your defense:

Ask for recommendations from close friends and family – These are the people who know who you are and who truly care about you, so they will help you find the best defense there is for your case. If they don’t know of anyone personally, they can ask people they know for recommendations while keeping your identity a secret. Check it out at Paul Schiffer Law

If you are uncomfortable asking specifically about a sex crimes attorney, ask for a good criminal defense lawyer, and you can then ask this lawyer for recommendations for your case.

Search lawyer directories for lawyers specializing in sex crimes defense – There are actually lawyer directories that show you different lawyers with different specializations in the city. These directories will show you how long the lawyer has been licensed to practice in the state, what their advocacies are, and even how they are rated by those they defended. These directories even carry testimonials from clients that they have helped in the past.

Check top lawyer websites – Some lawyer websites feature different kinds of lawyers for different kinds of cases. Find one for your area that has lawyers who can handle cases like yours. To find a Houston sex crimes defense lawyer, you need to locate a Houston law firm website that has a list of specializations that include sex crimes in it. There are some that even list the kind of offenses people are often accused of.

One law firm in Houston that you should consider for your case is the Law Office of Paul Schiffer. They have lawyers who specialize in sex crime defense law, and you can easily see this by visiting their website. Just visit and click on the sex crimes tab to find the crime that you are accused of. Click on your concern to get the advice you need from a lawyer that knows how to handle your case.

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